Secure Payment Processing

Secure Payment Processing


From it's humble beginnings Provident has grown into an industry leader in the payment processing field.



Provident is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank NA, Walnut Creek, CA.




With credit card fraud becoming more and more of a concern to business owners, We are careful to equip our clients with state of the art EMV PCI-DSS compliant equipment.


Why are we different?

Our team at Provident will personally service your account. This means not only will you receive 24/7 world-class support from the processor, You will also work directly with us to meet the needs of your business.



We at Provident believe in providing excellent customer service at the very best possible price. Unlike most companies, We use the Interchange Plus pricing structure. How does this save you money? Contact one of our team members and we'd be glad to sit down with you and show you how our pricing structure can reduce cost for your business.


American Express One Point

One Point Features Include:

  • Speed of funds
  • Single statement for all card brands
  • Single servicing contact for all payment cards


Loyalty Gift Card Program

Provident offers an extensive loyalty and gift card program.



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